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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

Please read the following TERMS OF SERVICE carefully. By using our services you are accepting that you are aware of all the terms of service and the content of this document.

If you have any concerns or disagree with the proposed terms of use in any way, and hence do not want to accept them, you are welcome to contact us regarding the issue so that it may be discussed.

1.1. Customers Order

Your order is only about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends or Valorant or any other Game boost, and our assistance for your gameplay & coaching if needed. Make sure you talk with our support agents about your order agreement. Customers order boost can be activated or paused anytime he wants to do it. But he needs to inform at least 1 hour before doing so.

1.2. Payments

You can pay for our services using a few payment methods: PayPal, Credit Cards (inside PayPal), or Skrill. If you want to use other payment methods not listed here, feel free to contact our customer support.

All transactions made on the website are protected with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. Your payment information is 100% secured and safe.

1.3. Refunds

Due to the nature of BoostCSGO.net's products (non-tangible digital goods), it is not possible to “return” the product therefore we DO NOT offer a refund after a purchase is made. If your order has not started you are eligible for a partial refund (55%) or store credit for the amount paid to us.

Once the service has started, you are no longer eligible to receive a refund. If BoostCSGO.net does not complete service, you have the right to receive store credit fitting what is missing from your service.

1.4. Solo Boost (Account Sharing) orders

Solo Boost is an option, where you will provide us account details - Steam login, Steam Password, and Steam Guard Code. If you use Steam Mobile Authentificator, you will have to be available every time our booster wants to access the account. If you don't want to be asked for the Mobile Guard Code, you can simply provide us 5 or 10 Backup Steam Guard Codes, which are gonna active for the next 5 days. Steam Guard Backup Codes are exactly the same as the normal steam guard codes. 

To generate Steam Backup Codes follow this tutorial.

1.5. Region Related Concerns

Our website offers CS:GO boosting worldwide. For Europe region, we can provide both Solo Boost or Duo/Lobby Boost without a problem - because we have European boosters ready. For other regions, we can either provide only Solo Boosting mode or you can join our lobby and play with us on Europe servers, but keep in mind that your ping is going to be higher than 100.

1.6. Duo / Lobby Boost (Self-play) orders

If you decide to purchase Duo/Lobby Boost order you need to follow the rules which are:

  • You can't "troll" the game which means (griefing, killing your teammates, blocking teammates, disturbing your teammates and boosters, and similar behaviors) or being toxic to the teammates.
  • You can't talk about the boost during the game.
  • Use in-game voice or text chat for calls and information
  • Don't expect to win every single game (losses happens to everyone), W/L ratio will be 85%+
  • In Duo/Lobby you can play only with our boosters until the order is done, playing solo without our boosters can end in cancellation of your order without refund.
  • Every boost will be completed no matter what, if not completed as expected it will be continued the next day. (reasons: cheaters, trolls, other boosters, smurfs - it happens, but rarely)

Please inform booster assigned to your purchase about your weekly schedule for playing. 

1.7. Payment Frauds

If you are about to cheat us (ex. chargeback the payment) we are reporting your account to Valve/Faceit support. That leads to a permanent ban of your account.

1.8. Experience of our Boosters

All members of our team provide legit boosting, this means no cheats, bots (vertigo boosting), or any other third-party software will be used during the boost. Our boosters works under a contract and we do not hire random players to do customer's orders. We hire only boosters with minimum 3000 Elo on Faceit, Rank G on ESEA, and Global Elite in Matchmaking.

1.9. Banning policy (Faceit/ESEA)

According to the rules of Faceit and ESEA, account sharing, multiple accounts, and account boosting are prohibited. We put every effort to decrease the chance of getting banned after our boosting services up to 0% by using the best security measures. We are doing everything to hide our activity on our customer's account and make the boosting undetectable. We use VPN programs to change the IP address that is near to the customer location and our players change Motherboards and other PC specs in their PCs once per 3 months. All of those measures make the faceit boost almost undetectable. However, faceit/esea often changes their boosting detecting algorithms so the risk of getting banned is very small, but still exists. This is why you are buying faceit boosting services at your own risk and getting banned on Faceit or ESEA won't be eligibilated for a refund.

1.10. Private Boosting

Make sure you only talk to our support agents about boost. Don't accept any contacts that are fake-representing our service. Any type of private boost, which is against our company interests - is prohibited and can end in the cancellation of your order. ​

If any of our boosters offer you private boosting, make sure you report him to our support agents and we will make sure he gets permanently removed from our websites' member list, you will also get an appropriate reward for helping us. If you are a Booster, and you offered private boosting to customers you will get permanent removal from the website without returning back.

For customer service inquiries or disputes, you may send us an email at [email protected]