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Vertigo boosting - is it worth the risk?

Vertigo boosting - is it worth the risk?

Vertigo boosting? What is it?

To start wondering if vertigo boosting is worth the risk I would like to explain what exactly it is. In simple words vertigo boosting is the csgo boosting method that guarantee 100% win ratio, it works this way the boosting company host 9 bots + your account, mix all of them into 2 teams(in one will be your account) and play against themselves on the maps that are not so popular - as you could predict usually it's vertigo. In result you will win every match with score 16:0 and 80 kills attached to your account. As you can imagine this method is really fast, but is it safe? Obviously not.


What is the risk that come in pair with vertigo boosting?

About 2 months ago Valve Company started to fight seriously with spin botters and other cheaters. In results they improved their antycheat system with a new option. Since the February update(you can read more about it here - https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/5vyafq/new_addition_to_vac_has_started_effecting_cheat/) if your K/D ratio(Kill/Death ratio) is extremaly high your account will be automatically reported to Overwatch where people will vote if your account should be banned or not. As you can imagine it's affect Vertigo boosting method where you do 80/0/0 stats also. It means by using this vertigo boosting method your account will be permanently banned by overwatch, it's only matter of time!


So is it worth to buy vertigo boosting?

Obviously not. What's the point of paying for the service that will make your account banned? The only worth to buy csgo boosting is provided by pro players without using cheats or bots. It will give you guarantee that your account won't be banned after weeks/months or even years. Don't be stupid and choose 100% legit csgo boosting service instead!


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