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Valve adds shorter competitive matches in CS:GO

Valve adds shorter competitive matches in CS:GO

Valve has released a major update to CS:GO. This one introduces Operation Riptide, as well as changes to several weapons and popular maps.

Rumors of a major update to CS:GO have been circulating for several days now. On Tuesday night, they were confirmed. Valve has not only introduced a new operation called Riptide, but they've also made some big changes to weapon balance as well as several popular maps.

CS:GO Update - List of Changes

[Operation Riptide]

- Operation Riptide is coming to the game with new maps, missions, and modes to play your favorite game.

[Game Modes]

Private Matches

  • It is now possible to generate a queue code that can be shared with friends to create a private match on Valve servers.

Short comp matches

  • Added the option to choose the duration of the match: short (MR16), long (MR30) or no preference.


  • Added the option to select Classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch (first team to get 100 kills wins), or Free-for-all

Demolition Mode

  • Reduced the number of rounds to 10 and removed swapping sides halfway through
  • Reduced the time of rounds
  • Weapon progression has been adjusted

Arms race

  • Weapon progression has been adjusted
  • Players now receive HP points for 3 eliminations


  • Grenades can now be thrown in the same way as weapons
  • Vision after death has been reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds (after a headshot from 1 second to 0.5 seconds)
  • Desert Eagle deals less damage to the body
  • M4A1-S deals more damage to the body
  • Dual Elites are $300 cheaper
  • Added Riot Shield, a heavy weapon that anti-terrorists can buy on hostage maps


  • Added County to matchmaking in Danger Zone mode
  • Added Basalt and Insertion II to matchmaking in Tournament, Simplified, and Deathmatch modes
  • Added Ravine and Extraction to matchmaking in Wingman mode
  • The following maps are no longer available in matchmaking: Grind, Mocha, Pitstop, Calavera, Frostbite


  • Slight improvement in visibility from the terrorist spawn through the middle
  • Improved visibility to the rear of B from the upper tunnels


  • The gate at the top of the banana has become more uniform (better visibility)
  • Change of arena layout 1 on 1
  • Other minor improvements Ancient Increased the area where you can plant a bomb on both bombsites


  • Increased the area where you can plant a bomb on both BS
  • Fixed the penetration of projectiles on plywood surfaces
  • Further optimisation
  • Added 1 on 1 arenas

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