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Few ways to increase your trust factor level in CS:GO

Few ways to increase your trust factor level in CS:GO

Everyone knows that a low level of trust factor on our account can be really annoying. Cheaters, flammers, trolls in every game? Friends do not want to play with you because they are afraid that you will attract players who will spoil the game? If so, your trust factor is most likely at a very low level. In this article, we will show you 3 ways to improve your trust factor in CS:GO so you can enjoy the game again.


To know how to improve your trust factor you first need to understand why your trust factor is low. There are many reasons for this, which the valve has never officially given. But in most cases, your trust factor will be low because:


1. You're griefing or trolling games

2. You are toxic to other players, through voice communication as well as the written one.

3. You use cheats and get many reports.

4. You play much better than the people you find in the game and people report you because they think you are cheating.

These are the main reasons why your trust factor may be low. Now let's think about how we can make it better.


low trust factor in csgo


Step 1 - Change your game behavior - avoid the behaviors listed above.

If you don't want your trustfactor to be low, you have to behave in the game in such a way that people don't report you and in such a way that you don't give reasons to vavle algorithms to understate your trustfactor. In short, if you're a toxic player, stop being one, mutate the hut and microphone. If you're trolling matches, think about whether it makes sense. If you're too good from your opponents - it's hard to do anything about it, one of the best ways to do that is to play fewer games, so you'll get fewer reports a day and maybe your trustfactor won't drop. Try it until you start meeting people on your level in games.


OK, I've changed my behaviour and still my trustfactor is low. What now?


Just play and wait. You can't expect your trustfactor to improve overnight. It takes time, usually several days, sometimes even weeks. So don't get discouraged and play matchmaking quietly while being polite, and the effects will surely come in the end.


Step 2 - actively participate in the Overwatch program.

Our experience shows that players that watch demos and rate them in Overwatch usually have a higher trust factor level. After all, they do something good for the CS:GO community, so the valve algorithms judge them better. So if your trust factor is weak and you want to improve it - get involved in Overwatch!


Step 3 - Take a break from Matchmaking and play casual matches

Again we found out players that are often playing casual matches on official valve servers are having a higher trust factor level. It's because on casual people not often report anyone, because there are no many cheaters in those games and no one cares about the score as its not competitive mode. So basically by playing casual matches you can easily increase your trust factor and play without cheaters in a meanwhile your trust factor is low. Give it a try!


And that's our ways, if you have your own way that works perfect don't hesitate and tell us through live chat or skype!

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