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Faceit boost is it worth the money?

Faceit boost is it worth the money?

Faceit boost what is it?

Faceit boost is an option where our pro players can help you to get your dreamed level and elo on most popular league - Faceit. Faceit boosting is available in 2 types:

- Faceit Level Boost - in this option you can purchase a faceit boost from your current level to desired one. Choose this option when you wish to be boosted for at least 1 level.
- Faceit Elo Boost - in this option you can purchase boost from your current elo to the desired elo. Choose this option if you are missing only few games to your next level, it will help you to save the money!

These types of faceit boosts are available in 2 option:

- Solo Boost - Pro player will play from your account(your steam and faceit account informations like login and password will be required).
- Duo/Lobby Boost - You will be playing yourself with our professional boosters in one lobby(We don't need your steam/faceit account credentials because you will be playing with us!)

Okay, okay! But what option should I choose?

If you wondering what option you should choose I can only tell you it mostly depends to the person. If you want to have your boost done as fast as possible and you don't have much time - you should choose Solo boost, where our professional booster will play on your account. In the other hand if you want to see how it is to have a good team with pro players in team - you should definitely check our faceit boost in Duo/lobby option.

But is it even worth to play faceit? Matchmaking seems to be more popular...

Of course it is worth. There are many reasons why you should already stop playing matchmaking and register account on faceit, but I will type only few of them, in my opnion the most important:

- 128 tickrate and better servers - once you will play on 128 tickrate servers you will never comeback to 64 tickrate. The performance of the server is way better.

- Better antycheat - everyone know how VAC is poor in detecting cheaters, I bet all of them at least once in your life meet obvious spin botter who just spinning and killing everyone with a headshots, and even if it was the most obvious cheat you could even seen, the cheater didn't get banned in the game. It's a great explanation how the vac system is actually bad. On faceit you have better antycheat, not that good like esea one, but still one of the best you can find. Even on free subscription there are a lot of guys who have to use it, so there is way less cheaters.

- Pro players are playing faceit - in my opinion the most important thing. If you want to be the best in this game, you have to do the same things the actual the best players doing. Does the pro players plays MM? Of course not, they are playing faceit and you should do the same so there is a chance in future you will meet them in the same game.

Faceit boost vs Esea boost?

It also depends to the person, some of people like ESEA and some others prefer Faceit more. Faceit is usually more popular in EU, while ESEA dominates CS:GO scene in NA. So when you will be choosing the platform have in mind that. Both platforms are very similar and offer almost the same, however ESEA subscription is paid, but their antycheat is way better so for those who really, but really hates cheaters it can be a great choose. To sum it up - both platforms are very good and way better than matchmaking. The decision which option you should choose faceit boost or esea boosting option we leave up to you.

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