Faceit boost - how to check your ELO on Faceit?

Faceit boost - how to check your ELO on Faceit?

Regarding to our faceit boost service we receive a lot of questions like:


How can I check my ELO on faceit?

That's why we decided to make article about it - hope some of you will find it useful. Back to the topic - there is a lot of options that will help you to check your faceit elo, but we will describe only one option which in our opinion is the best one.

The answer is obviously external website with faceit statistics. There is a lot of website like that, you can try to find them in google by typing phrases like "faceit stats", but if you are too lazy for that we recommend to take a look at the website created by us.

This website will allow you to check your or your friends statistics by only typing their faceit names in search field. The website should show you stats like Faceit Level, Elo, History, Bans, Specific Statistics on any map, KD ratio, KR, Elo gain and way more.

This website is very fast, a lot faster than the other websites like that and the statistics are shown in really clear and readable way. That's why we recommend to use it!

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