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CSGO Wingman Boosting - what is it?

CSGO Wingman Boosting - what is it?

Wingman boosting is a popular service that involves a special CS:GO mode called "Wingman". This is the csgo competitive mode, where the game is played in 2 versus 2 mode. More about wingman, what is wingman, how it works, why you should play wingman and why you should buy csgo wingman boosting from our professional csgo boosting service.


What is Wingman mode?


The Wingman game mode is an alternative for CS:GO Competitive Matchmaking. In wingman, the gameplay is in mode 2 versus 2 and the standard maps used in the classic 5 vs 5 mode have been trimmed so that only 1 bombsite is available. The length of the game has also changed when in normal mode the maximum number of rounds was 30 in wingman mode, this has been reduced to 16, making the game much faster. The game is played on the same maps as the normal 5 vs 5 mode. The rank system is also the same, with the same ranks as in normal matchmaking - from Silver I to Global.

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Who's the wingman for?

If you like to play 2 versus 2 then definitely wingman is for you. Wingman is also a good alternative for those who don't have a lot of time, but would like to play CS:GO competitive. Wingman doesn't take up as much time as classic matchmaking, so it's perfect for these people. CS:GO Wingman mode is also good as a "warm-up", a 30-minute wingman game can be a good warm-up before starting matchmaking or faceit match.

Would you like to get Global Elite rank in Wingman?

As we wrote earlier on the wingman there is also a rank system and the rank reached in Wingman is displayed in your CS:GO Profile. So if you want to show your friends or to the world that you are not a casual player, but someone that takes this game seriously having a Global Elite rank in Wingman is something you should definitely go for. You may ask, is it hard to get Global Elite on wingman? For sure it's easier than on normal matchmaking (5vs5), but still, it isn't easy job. You must know that not only you want a Global Elite rank shown in a CS:GO Profile. Many of the other players want it too and you have to beat them if you want to reach the Global Elite rank. You can try to get this rank by yourself or buy our CS:GO Wingman boosting service. Our professional boosters (Faceit level 10 - 3000+ elo, Global Elite rank) will help you to get a dreamed rank on wingman.

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