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CS GO Boosting - Who is legit?

CS GO Boosting - Who is legit?

CS:GO Boosting - what is it?

Exactly. First of all to start talking about which company is legit or not we need to describe what is cs go boosting? This question got many answers and everyone can find his own answer for this question, but I will try to explain this what is cs go boost in my opinion. It's nothing more like improving csgo rank in game counter strike: global offensive. There is many cs go boosting options: 

  • CS GO Rank Boosting - You need to give your steam login and password to professional csgo player, he login to your account and play until he reach rank that you have paid for.

  • Win Boosting - This option don't guarantee booster will get your rank, but you can be sure he will win as many games as you purchased. It's good option to test company that they are good or not.

  • Duo/Lobby with Booster - It's extra option for CS:GO Rank Boosting and Win Boosting that allow you to play with professional csgo player in one lobby, it means you don't need to give your steam account access to anybody. It's the safest cs go boosting option that you can even find, the only disadvantage is price - way higher. 

How to find legit cs go boost service?

It's not simple question to answer, there are many considerations that you must include if you want to know which csgo boosting company is legit or not. I will do my best to help you with that, so let's start!

The first step that you should do it's find in the browser as many cs go boosting company as you can. Then compare all the sites, which one looks better and which worse, if you do that step you should also know that a good looking site can tell you many informations if someone got a money for a web designer that can do his website layout looking good he probably taking this buisness seriously and his reasons are not scamming people.

But hold on! That's not everything you should know to describe legit service. The second point is information that you can find on the boosting site. If the site include many helpful informations about boosting, game, payment process, etc. You should also compare if those informations are true, for example if someone telling you that he can do csgo boost from Supreme Master First Class to Global Elite in 1 day, you should leave his website!(That boost usually takes more than 5 days - about 30-40 wins in a row on highest level).

Social Media accounts also can help you to check if someone is legit or not. For example if there are many twitter followers or likes on company facebook profile, you can know that there are real customers on the site.

Last and most important thing you should check is that if their support likely answers to all your questions. If there is no active support on the site you are looking for then probably in case of placing order there it won't be started/finished as fast as you expect. It will get delay or will never be done. 

CS GO Boosting for free?

There are many people that offers cs go boost for free, all of them are scammers obviously. To know that you have to think about that and ask yourself important question - what buissnes does that people have in boosting you? Your answer should be obvious - any. He would rather to play on his own csgo account than playing on your account for free.

To understand that you must know that csgo boosting is the same work like any other. Do you think that someone will wash your car, repair your computer or tv for free? Of course not! That's why csgo boosting for free not exist, people who offers that are scammers and want to steal your items or even your account, so watch out and don't use that!

Cheap or expensive service?

In many people on the world price is the most important thing that they are looking for when doing purchase. It's obvious that if you can get the same thing cheaper it's better for you, but can you be sure that it will be really the same? In case of finding csgo boosting service you SHOULDN'T watch for the prices.

As we said before, nothing is for free. To get your rank professional player needs to waste his time like 3-4h, no one will do it for too small price. So if you will pay for too low price that can be acceptable for normal people to live you can expect that your order will be delayed for months or never done and in the most tragic case you will lost your money without getting service. Quality cost, so don't be a spare for such things like cs go boosting.

Remember, by placing an order on any cs go boosting site you risk your steam account or items. You can minimalize that by choosing professional csgo boosting company that for sure will ensue from their obligations for decent price. Don't risk and choose the best cs go boost site.

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