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Lobby CS:GO Boosting is it worth?

Lobby CS:GO Boosting is it worth?

About Duo/Lobby CS:GO Boost

Duo/Lobby boosting is when you join to a lobby with a booster, and play a game, and we will carry your game 4v5 even if you are a deadweight/afk, of course if you are helping us it's better, and it increases our chances to win!
We usually sold the normal form of boosting(solo cs:go boost), where we connect to your account and play instead of you, but for counter-strike it actually makes a lot of sense to sell boosting in a lobby/duoQ way as it is much easier to carry 4v5.

We decided to run Lobby/DuoQ boost because we want to show our customers that we are not scammers who are only taking the money and left. We are here to boosting people if you are scared about your money, skins or account you can choose this option is 100% safe! We won't require you to give us access to your steam account.


Why is it cost more than normal boost?

Obviously because if we are playing 4vs5, it will be harder for us to win. But also you will get in game live coaching and contact with one of our ex-professional player that can help you with basic so it's not like only Lobby boost it's Lobby boost + free coaching. That's why it's more expensive.


How will it work exactly?

After your paypal payment it will redirect you back to our form when we will ask you for contact info like email and Skype. After sending us that information in about 15min booster should contact with you, he will ask you a few question like when do you want to start or in what hours do you playing. Once the lobby finds a game, the rest is up to the booster he will play with you until you get your desired rank or amount of wins which you have paid for. Of course it is better if you try to play your best game, do what your team needs and try to focus on the game, but it most likely won't be required.

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