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Faceit Elo Boosting by FPL players. Buy Guaranteed Elo Boost.

Faceit Elo boosting is provided by professional players without using cheats. Our Faceit Elo Boost is the cheapest prices among major boosting websites. We have over 30 boosters with faceit level 10 (FPL/FPL-C/3000+ elo) on their main accounts working under contract. That guarantees a 100% legal faceit boost service in really short time. We usually starts every faceit boost within 1h after purchase. Trust in our +6 years experience!

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Faceit Elo Boosting

Faceit Elo Boosting is option where you can purchase boost from your direct elo to desired one. It can be great option if you need only few wins to level up. Faceit Boosting is available in 2 options:

Solo Boost - We will play from your account(your accounts informations like steam and Faceit will be required).
Duo/Lobby Boost - You will be playing with our professional boosters in one lobby. (We play Duo/Lobby on EU servers)

* Minimum elo difference is 20 points
* If you don't know what is your Current Elo this website will be helpful faceitelo.net

Up to 5-15 wins/day
No cheats, No bots
Verified Boosters
24/7 Support

How to Buy Faceit Elo Boosting?

1. Select your boosting
Select details of your boost. (Current Rank, Desired Rank, Your Level/Elo, Number of wins, etc.) then click 'Buy Boost' button.
2. Make a payment
Fill the payment details form and click 'Purchase & Continue to payment'. You will get redirect to checkout page where you can choose your payment method and complete the payment.
3. Order Details
After succesful payment Click 'Go back to the seller’s page' and you will be redirected back to our form, where you should give us login and password to your account or in case of Duo/Lobby boost only contact information.
4. Boost starts now!
Now you can just wait for our boosters to contact you on Discord/Skype/Email and start your boost!

Faceit Elo Boost - Frequently Asked Questions

What is faceit elo boosting?

Faceit elo boosting is an option where you can boost your elo on faceit. Faceit Elo boost is available in 2 options - Solo Boost where booster plays on your account and Duo/Lobby boost where you can play yourself with our boosters in lobby.

How can I know you are legit, is it safe to use your service?

We are boosting csgo and faceit for longer than 5 years and We are a 100% legit company. You don't have to take my word for it. If you don't believe it, simply check it by yourself. To do that you can check our reviews on Trustpilot, Google us, check our Facebook, or contact us on chat/skype/discord or email - we will answer to all your questions regarding boosting.

Our reputation is worth way much more than your account, skins, or anything else. However, if my words are not enough to get your trust We recommend enabling STEAM GUARD protection on your account. If you do that every time someone login to your account from other IP/location he will have Steam Market/Trades blocked for 7 days. So basically there is no chance to steal your items.

Still didn't convinced? You can buy Duo/Lobby boost and play with us. In Duo/Lobby boost option you don't need to share your account with us because you will be playing together with the booster in one lobby.

How long will faceit boosting take?

We always try to complete the faceit elo boost orders as fast as possible. We usually start every order within 1h after purchase and we play about 7-15 matches per day, which gives 150-300 faceit elo points per day.

Who will boost my account?

Our boosters are mostly pro players with 3500+ elo on their main accounts. Some of them are in FPL/FPL-C competition. Our faceit boosters are verified players that working under contract, so you can entrust them your account without risking anything.

I don't know what's my elo, what should I do?

You can use a website like faceitelo.net - just type your faceit nickname in their search input field and it should show what's your current elo.

Are my steam account or items safe?

Your steam items and your account are safe. Our reputation is worth much more than your items at steam. Anyway, we recommend using STEAM GUARD protection. Whenever you start to use steam on new PC/IP address your inventory is blocked for 7 days, so there is no way anyone can touch your steam items. After the boost is done you can also deauthorize all other computers in your Steam Guard options so then booster won't be able to login to your account without another access code that will be sent from Steam to your email/phone.

Can I get banned after your service?

No, you can't get banned after our services. Our boosters don't use cheats, bots, vertigo boosting, or any other illegal methods to complete the orders. We play normal matches vs real players and our only advantage is SKILL. Our boosters are way better than usual faceit players because they are pro players (We only hire verified players with HLTV.org profiles, FPL/FPL-C players, level 10 and 3000+ elo on faceit).

Our boosters don't use cheats, bots, vertigo boosting, or any other illegal methods to complete the orders. We play normal matches vs real players and our only advantage is SKILL. Our boosters are way better than usual faceit players because they are pro players (We only hire verified players with HLTV.org profiles, FPL/FPL-C players, level 10 and 3000+ elo on faceit). Our boosters are using the best security measures against faceit bans. They use VPN programs to change IP near to your location and they also change Motherboard in their PCs once every 3 months. All of those measures make the faceit boost almost undetectable. However, faceit often changes their boosting detecting algorithms and there is no chance to prevent them in 100%. That's why if you want to be 100% sure that your account will never get banned after boosting you should consider our Duo/Lobby boost option which is 100% safe, because there is no chance of getting banned for playing with better players in the lobby that may be your friends.

csgo boosting reviews

Real Customers Reviews

All the reviews about our boosting services can be found on our Trustpilot profile. Check some of them, they speak for themselves!

Better than expectations. Used them twice now (Duo/Lobby Boost). Was a bit scared/skeptical with boosting services but using this service has put my fears to rest.


Amazing service and super quick. Upon requesting for the the service, I was messaged within 5 minutes. The games were incredibly efficient and quick. They also teach you how to play the game, and actively help you improve. I highly recommend Ivonica.


Incredible treatment and excellent work, uploaded from dmg to lem in two days, incredible, recommending booster @rook


Why Users Trust Us

We boost people for longer than 6 years, thousands of people already trusted in our boosting service. There are some reasons why they choosed us among the others.

Affordable Prices We provide 100% Safe and Legit boosting in the highest quality for the cheapest prices among major boosting websites.
Safety and Privacy Your account safety and privacy are important for us. We do our best to keep our customers anonymously. We always play in offline mode and our boosters use VPN to protect your account. Our website is SSL secured so you can be sure that info you send us are 100% safe.
Fast Delivery We usually start every order within 15 minutes after payment. In most of the cases, we need only a few hours to rank up.

Faceit Elo Boosting - what is it?

CS:GO Faceit Elo boost is an alternative to faceit level boosting, but instead of paying for the whole level you can simply buy amount of elo missing to level up and get desired faceit level cheaper. It can be also good option if you want to test us or just play in Lobby with professional players.

Faceit levels and elo are interconnected. Below is a table that shows which level of Elo is represented by which faceit level.

faceit level 11 - 800
faceit level 2801 - 950
faceit level 3951 - 1100
faceit level 41101 - 1250
faceit level 51251 - 1400
faceit level 61401 - 1550
faceit level 71551 - 1700
faceit level 81701 - 1850
faceit level 91851 - 2000
faceit level 102001+

What are the benefits of Faceit Boost per Elo?

The main advantage of elo boosting on faceit is that you can save money, because using faceit elo boost you are paying exactly for the elo points that you need to level up on your faceit account. So if you need only few games to rank up or you need to increase your elo a little bit to be sure you won't rank down in your next game, faceit boost per elo will be way better for you than faceit level boosting. This option is also very often used for customers who wants to test a boosting company before making bigger purchase. If you want to test us in action, feel free to buy 20-60 elo and we will show you that our company is the best choice if it comes to boost faceit.

Why would you choose CSGO Faceit Elo Boost with us?

At boostcsgo.net we provide the best faceit boosting experience. Our boosters are not a random players that you can find on other websites. We hire only players that are the best in CS:GO. That's why all of our boosters are above 3000+ elo on their main accounts, most of them have hltv.org profile and esport past in tier 2, tier 3 teams. They are not only a very good players, but they are also kind, friendly and full of great advices that can help our customers to be better at the game. We treat our customers as a friends so they really appreciate playing with us. That's why a lot of our customers coming back and buying again. Don't hesitate to join them, purchase a boost now!