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Csgo boosting in 2021 is it still safe?

Csgo boosting in 2021 is it still safe?

You often ask us questions such as, is boosting in csgo still safe. Is it possible to get banned for CS:GO Boosting. The answer to this question is not obvious. Therefore, in this article we will try to answer this question. 

Can I get banned for csgo boosting?

In boostcsgo.net our boosters don't use cheats, bots, vertigo boosting, or other ilegal technics while boosting our customers. The whole process is 100% CS:GO compliant so there is no chance of any of our customers getting banned and so far this has not happened as our reviews on trustpilot suggest. 

Based on our over 6 years of experience we can confidently say that cheat free CS:GO boosting, which is based on hard work and skill of the booster is 100% safe. 

The situation looks different when it comes to vertigo boosting, which is based on killing bots standing AFK and winning matches 16:0 in few minutes. For several years many people complained that they got banned on Overwatch for using this technique of boosting. And recently a screen shot uploaded by a Reddit user was leaked online, showing a reply from valve support, which suggests that valve has taken a serious approach to accounts boosted using this method. Therefore we do not recommend this method. It is very dangerous and the chance that your account will be banned after such a Boost is really high. If you are tempted by lower price and faster processing time we advise you to think twice.

Can i get banned on faceit for using a boosting service?

In the faceit regulations, you can read that any form of account boosting is forbidden and can end in a ban. So the risk exists. Faceit is constantly improving its algorithms when it comes to fighting against boosting. Therefore, choosing a good boosting service is crucial if you are planning to buy a boosting on faceit. If you choose the wrong one, they will easily get caught by boosting detecting system created by faceit and your faceit adventure will end up with a permanent ban on this platform. At boostcsgo.net we use the best ways to hide boosting activity on your account such as VPN or programs to change HWID. Thanks to that it is really hard, or almost impossible for faceit algorithms to track us. So far none of our customers have been banned on faceit, so we consider our methods safe, but we can't guarantee that faceit won't change their algorithms and our methods will stop working. That is why we recommend the extra option "Play with Booster" in which the clients play together with us. Then the booster does not log in to the client's account, and boosting is unprovable - after all, it is not illegal to play with friends who are much better than us.

So is boosting in 2021 safe? 

Both csgo boosting and faceit boosting are still safe as long as the service is performed without using cheats and by verified boosters. In the case of faceit boost it is also important that the booster uses programs like VPN and for changing HWID. If you are looking for safe boosting, write to us or order boosting on our website and our professionals will immediately help you to get the desired rank. :)

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